Thursday, 16 June 2016 11:45

My first digital publisher

2015 marked the first release of my books by an electronic publisher, Endeavour Press, the UK's leading digital publisher. The year before, when I'd left work to write full-time, I was in the unusual situation of having no agent and no current publisher, but it seemed to me that that was the very time to keep writing ... and persistence was rewarded when Endeavour approached me out of the blue about electronic rights to previous books; whereupon we also signed deals on some new ones.

It was also just the right time to establish my novels as historical mainstream fiction. Previous publishers had striven to attract historical-romance customers to my books and I'd had fabulous reviews from these avid and demanding readers ... nonetheless, in my novels adventure, war, suspense and drama are strong plot drivers, and they're of interest to both men and women. As with most historical fiction, that doesn't exclude a love story, of course. I once received this humorous comment from a male reader about The Winter Prince: 'I think the love story was my favourite element -- this may surprise you, particularly when you had written a number of fine battle scenes, gory dismemberments and all. Naturally, being British, my ignorance of history is so profound that I did not know of Rupert -- I'm glad to have met him.'

And I was very glad to have met Endeavour Press at just this time in my writing career.

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